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Building Bridges

These are some examples below of how KitchenStud is hard at work at empowering you to Build Bridges.  This all important area of the site is where you can choose how you’d like to make a difference by plugging into and supporting your community.  Whether it’s staying current with the latest health and environmental news, voting with your dollars when you choose a green business, volunteering with or donating to an NPO,  government agencies, and more, be it locally or abroad, we urge you to get involved.  You’ll learn a lot, your kids will love you for it, and you’re sure to have a great time!  And it feels ohhhh sooo good to dip into and embrace Mother Nature! 

It’s in your joining those who are rockin’ our communities that big differences will be made and each of us will be empowered, leaving us collectively feeling, ‘We Made This!’

So go ahead, BUILD A BRIDGE!

Please shout out and send an email if you’d like to suggest a nutritional or environmental organization (et al) that you’d like me to consider for including as a partner to Build Bridges with.  Please be sure to include the name and website address and/or contact person and phone number.  Also, let me know of any up and coming events that you’d like me to get the word out.

Have you felt this burning desire to make a difference in your life and the world around you, be it locally or abroad, but weren’t quite sure what that next step might be? 

Would you like instant wellness tips and news feeds that allow you to take charge of your health in the moment?

How about enter a brain twister contest for a chance to win really cool prizes like a Coleman grill?

Would you like to support your community and share a day with your kids at a local teaching farm?

How about locate a dentist who’s certified as a green business?

Want to give your local congressman your opinion about the latest environmental initiative?