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7 Day Chinese Herbal Cleanse:  With the New Year in sight, your resolutions have been made with good intentions to see them through.  Now that you’ve developed your action plan for a new you, how would you like to back up that determined commitment to do it differently this year with a step that will easily and safely set you up for success?  Now is the perfect time to jumpstart your journey towards renewed health by starting any weight loss or health and wellness program with my powerfully effective 7 day Chinese Herbal Cleanse! (visit Health Coaching: Your Program page for more details)

Winter Seasonal Cleanse scheduled Monday, January 9th – Sunday, January 15th.

(This workshop is held via phone for your convenience!.)

  • Investment: $439
  • Special: Register by Tuesday, January 3rd and save $100.
  • Special: Invite a loved one and their Cleanse is $259 when registered by Tuesday, January 3rd.


BioImpedence Analysis:  Your scale only tells a fraction of the true story!  ‘One of the most powerful lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk to common chronic diseases of aging is related to improving your body composition; lean body mass to body fat ratio.  BIA is a simple, rapid and accurate method of assessing full body composition.’  BIA testing is recommended for those who: desire to lose weight safely with sustainable results; have high blood pressure, triglyceride levels, insulin levels, LDLs and blood pressure; are insulin insensitive/resistant or diabetic; have low HDL or suffer from Sarcopenia (wasting of muscles).  Utilize this physician preferred procedure if you would like to safely track the progress of any health and wellness program as you take control of the aging process and restore your vitality.  Your BIA test includes a Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Assessment! (visit Health Coaching: Your Program page for more details)

  • Investment: $349 (private)
  • Special: Purchase your BIA (private) for 2012 by Monday, January 9th. and save $100.
  • Special: Purchase 3 BIAs by Tuesday, January 17th for $249 (clinic dates 01/25, 04/11, 06/27) and receive the 4th one free!

Nutrition and Lifestyle Webinar Program:  My Webinar Program is perfectly suited for the budget-minded who would like to benefit from the many rewards of being supported by a Health Coach.  This Webinar Program will focus on losing weight safely with sustainable results, reducing inflammation for disease prevention and generally improving your overall health.  Each webinar will focus on a specific topic with tips and techniques that are fun, easy and free of denial, and will include Q&A time.  Reserve today so that you can empower yourself for a journey towards renewed health and happiness for a lifetime! (visit Health Coaching: Your Program page for more details) (inquire for Program dates)

Webinar Program starts Wednesday, January 18th

Recording available should you miss a webinar.

  • Investment: $200/mo; 6 month program; bi-weekly webinar coaching.
  • Special: Book your Webinar Program by Monday, January 9th and save $300.
  • Special: Pay in full by Monday, January 9th and save an additional $300.
  • A la Carte Specials: Cleanse $259 ~ 3 BIA tests $149 (clinic dates 01/25, 04/11, 06/27).
  • Supplement Special: Tax free and free shipping during your Program.