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Rockstar 5 Corners

Would you like to rock in the kitchen?  Whether it’s grillin’ for the guys, quick healthy vittles that the kids will gobble up, a three course meal with wine pairings for guests with ease, or romancing the kitchen for your special someone, check back soon for recipes, tips, techniques, and ‘How Tos’ that will empower you in ways that even a celebrity chef would envy.


Master a Man-Made Healthy Lifestyle as you learn to Cook like a KitchenStud!

Do you find yourself eating at home more due to challenging economic times?  Are you sharing more of the household tasks due to your partner’s increased workload at the office?  Are you a single parent who would like to cook nutritious meals your kids will love?  Would you like to Romance the Kitchen for a special someone?

My greatest passion is expressing my appreciation and love for the bounties Mother Nature has so graciously bestowed upon us, by gathering loving family, friends and colleagues around my kitchen table to share in the intimate act of breaking bread.  As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, I combine my passion with my health and wellness expertise to bring my clients a uniquely integrative approach to renewed health and balanced living.  I’m my clients’ personal advocate as I empower them with nutritionally and ecologically sound information and practices in order to create and sustainably maintain happy, healthy lives personally, professionally and within their communities, in ways that are flexible, fun, easy and free of denial.  I offer individually tailored one-on-one coaching programs, workshops and webinars, along with supplements.  I demystify all things food by teaching my clients how to dine out with success, navigate farmers markets and grocery store aisles with ease, equip a kitchen like a pro and my all-time favorite, how to become a KitchenStud as they learn to cook with confidence and finesse!

Whether you’re a novice or a semi-pro, invite me to share my passion, knowledge and technical expertise so that you’re empowered to…

  • Enjoy learning in the privacy of your own kitchen
  • Cook nutritious meals that are friendly for any budget
  • Save time as you learn to cook once - eat multiple times
  • Prepare seasonal, organic meals that support your health
  • Feel right at home as you navigate your kitchen with ease
  • Become a Safety Pup as you learn important safety dos and don’ts
  • Cook delicious meals that will leave the entire family asking for more
  • Plan and prepare meals that will impress even the most discerning of guests
  • Save time as you build your technical skills and navigate regionally inspired recipes with ease
  • Revel in the feeling of ‘I MADE THIS!’

Your  private 2-hour cooking class includes:

  • Ingredients that are organic/natural, seasonal, free range/cage free, cruelty free, non-GMO
  • Shopping list, ToolBox (equipment) list, Equip your kitchen like a pro tips
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Assessment for the host(ess)
  • Recipe developed for your unique health needs and tastes

Classes make for a wonderful themed party!

Empower and inspire your special someone with a cooking class Gift Certificate for a gift that truly keeps on giving!


‘The best thing I ever have in my kitchen is a friend who likes my cooking.’

Lisa Rogerson – Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach