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Toolbox | Maintenance

Maintenance…aka MANSCAPING…(there, I said it!)…a word that might bring shutters to your spine? 

Don’t worry guys, manscaping takes on a whole new meaning here at KitchenStud.  As with all that I purport, it’s all about improving your health, and taking pride in yourself and how that exudes into the world…in all areas of your life!  Out of pride, you put your best foot forward in the workplace and caring for your car, I proclaim – and I believe many would agree - it’s no different in the looks department!  We all do it every day…or at least should!...brush our teeth, comb our hair, and much more beyond is possible.  And I promise, the guys won’t even know you’re doing it!  There is nothing sexier than a man whose inner sense of value is reflected in his outward appearance.  Even the most rugged of guys will get yet another glance from whom he desires when he has clean, buffed nails!!!  Trust me when I say, whether you’re straight or gay, women and gay men alike appreciate your taking that extra step in that department.  And dare I say, it’s healthy for you!  E.g., did you know that it’s believed that flossing your teeth can help reduce plaque build-up on your arteries?  Who knew?!  Check back soon for health promoting, eco-friendly, and sometimes goopy products, along with tips and tools that are sure to make even you take a second glance!