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Toolbox | Man Cave

Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Have you ever thought, ‘I just don’t have time to cook a nutritious meal?’ And further, ‘My kitchen contains the remnants of garage sale leftovers, where would I begin?’  No worries guys, this month’s ‘Man Cave’ feature is a Kitchen Gadget that will easily solve this dilemma not only for today, but for years to come!  It is the one must have appliance that every man should add to his ToolBox.

Want to empower yourself to cook like a pro in minutes flat for pennies per meal?  The Vitamix 5200 is here to save the day!  This easy to use built like a brick house tool will outperform all other appliances, proving to be indispensible as you master a man-made healthy lifestyle.  You’ll wonder how you ever made due without it!  Drum roll please, it makes…

  • Delicious frozen desserts for the kiddios
  • Frozen margaritas are a snap
  • Blends the perfect energy shake
  • Chops salsa for game time in seconds
  • Cooks hot soups from scratch
  • Crushes ice in seconds…love it!
  • Emulsifies salad dressings and mayonnaise
  • Whisks lump-free gravies…who doesn’t struggle with that?!
  • Creams spreads and nut butters…it even churns fresh butters
  • Grinds whole wheat flour and kneads dough in minutes
  • Whips fresh cream and egg whites for those sexy desserts
  • And it even purees baby food!

…just to name a few!  The opportunity for creating nutritious meals for you and your family is endless, and just the push of a button away.  And if that isn’t enough?...this puppy cleans up in seconds flat!    Leave it on your counter for easy access, and you’ll be the envy of all who see this sleek brushed stainless steel masterpiece!  You’ll prove to be the host with the most and the guy who rocks the kitchen!   It even comes with a recipe book to get you started!  Wondering where you can get one?  Click here.